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Wedding Worthy Shoes

I recently had to travel to Nigeria for my sister’s wedding. It was a Teal-Green Wedding theme and I was responsible for the Teal-Green shoes and all the other shoes for the traditional outfits, the ones for my mom and sister-in-laws. Leave it to Comfort to take care of the shoes! Here are images of the shoes: The Teal-Green Shoes…


This shoes originally came in white satin. That’s a post for another day.


These next pair of shoes are the ones for the Ibo Traditional Wedding Outfit. The Tradition Ibo Outfit was Tomato-Red, White/Silver theme. I was afraid it’ll be too high, but she wanted it, so I got it! Don’t you just love these gorgeous pair? I ordered these from a seller on eBay (England).


The Yoruba Traditional Wedding Outfit was a Gold & Orange theme. I wanted a classic gold shoe that sparkles. A platform sandal that’s in a class of it’s own. I found one at Dillard’s (That ‘s the place to go for one-of-a-kind shoes). Here it is…


To see a detailed article about the wedding and more wedding images, see here.


Upgrading Your Shoes for That Fashionista Night Out

Upgrading Your Shoes for That Fashionista Night Out

Hello Fellow Fashionistas,

Getting ready for that night out with your friends? I see that black dress is all ready to go. You’ve also gotten the purse, clutch-style, I see!. Girl, you are so read…Ooo Oh not the same pair of shoes again!

It happens. Sometimes you just find yourself stuck with that one pair of shoes that seems to match most of your outfit, and you have to wear it again and again. But no worry, this Shoe Fashionista is here to help you make the best of your shoes adventure.

I’ll be showing you the many ways to wear your shoes. I call it Shoe-cycling. In today’s economy that might just be the way to go. So stay tuned, because this shoe fashionista has a lot to share with you.

It’s all about how to go from this:

to this,



or this

Stay tuned.  There’s more from the shoefashionista.


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